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Wednesday, November 16, 2005 :::

Gilmore Returns?

That's what he says here.

Former Virginia Gov. James S. Gilmore III yesterday said he will be a candidate for public office again because Republicans are losing elections by giving inconsistent messages on taxes.
Mr. Gilmore, the last Republican to hold the state's top job, said Republican gubernatorial nominee Jerry W. Kilgore was not critical enough of the $1.38 billion tax increase championed by Gov. Mark Warner last year.
"I'm frankly concerned," Mr. Gilmore told The Washington Times. "My intention is to speak out on these issues and help provide leadership any way I can and speak up on what direction I think the state should be going."

Well that will certainly set the '09 waters a boiling (unless he tries to make a Senate run). But then there is the issue of where Gilmore was during the Kilgore campaign. We get two views:

The former governor joined Mr. Kilgore's gubernatorial campaign kickoff tour in March but was not seen with the Republican candidate on the campaign trail after that.
"I did everything I was asked to do, and I think I could have made a larger contribution than I was asked to do," Mr. Gilmore said.
Kilgore campaign manager Ken Hutcheson said Mr. Gilmore did not offer further help. "I don't think he ever made it known he was interested in campaigning," Mr. Hutcheson said.

I did what I was asked/He never some point it shouldn't matter. But I doubt his presence would have made much difference, and honestly, I don't believe (if the idea that Gilmore and Allen are rivals) Gilmore really wanted to help, either.

But it would fit a Kilgore pattern, it seems to me, not to have some people out there on the trail who might have been a help, even if it was marginal. Like George Fitch. Where was George? Did he, too, fall into the category of "I did what I was asked/He never offered to do more?" It's too late now, of course, but I still wonder just what was going on.

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