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Monday, November 07, 2005 :::

Fairfax Absentees

NLS has an "exclusive" on absentee voting trends in Fairfax County.

A couple of interest to me:

41st District: The only central Fairfax swing district where Republicans are outvoting Democrats. Republican numbers are similar to other districts, but Democratic intensity is way down here, which everyone could have predicted in the race between David Marsden and Michael Golden. However, the GOP advantage here is small, and Marsden may be pulling some of the Republicans, so this race should still be considered very close.

And this:

67th District: This western Fairfax district has seen a huge GOP upswing in intensity, benefiting Chris Craddock. Again, absentees lean towards younger voters, so even though we can project Craddock as the winner of absentee ballots, that again, won't mean much for a different election day demographic here. Also, Craddock is pulling almost no Democrats, so the margin may not be huge if Chuck Caputo is pulling some Republicans, which he has known he needed to do from the start.

How any of this pans out tomorrow night is an open question, let alone how these ballots will play for the statewide candidates. It's fairly safe to say that Fairfax, like much of NoVa, will go for the Democratic slate.

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