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Wednesday, November 16, 2005 :::

Cuccinelli's First Look at the Results

Sen. Ken Cuccinelli has to be feeling mighty lonely in NoVa these days. From his newsletter, here's his first impression:

First, for those of you around Virginia, it is my opinion that the Democrat wave was particularly strong in NoVa. And I think the simple reason for that is our close proximity to, and focus on, Washington D.C. The incredible increases in the size and scope of government under our current GOP leadership finally began to come back to haunt us starting with the massive and pork-ridden transportation bill this summer.

While that certainly didn't help matters, I'm not entirely convinced this was the deciding factor.

The severe feelings of the GOP base regarding the out-of-control spending on capitol hill compounded the difficulties we already faced because of the split over the 2004 tax increases here in Virginia. I believe that even some anti-tax Republicans in Del. Dick Black's district stayed home because they said to themselves, "Well, even if Dick will keep fighting taxes, so what? I vote Republican, they control both houses, and I get a tax increase anyway. I can skip voting and get 20 more minutes of sleep and the outcome is the same."

If the GOP is not AT LEAST the party identified with holding the line on the growth of government, and with tax cutting, then we're going to continue to struggle to get out our own base. Again, in Virginia, the political problems resulting from the 2004 tax hike have been compounded because of the free-spending Republicans in Washington, helping to create the perfect storm against the GOP in 2005. Obviously, we were not helped by the performance at the top of our ticket, as all of our delegate candidates in NoVa polled ahead of Jerry as he lost Fairfax 60 to 37. That is not a margin that can be made up elsewhere in the state.

I think the relatively free spending Republicans in Richmond had some affect as well (though when compared to their congressional cousins, Virginia's Republicans are a model of fiscal restraint). It's great to talk about cutting taxes, but let's do more than say we want to "hold the line" on government growth. We need to provide voters with a solid blueprint for how we would recast Virginia government. The Reason Foundation has blazed the idea trail with ways to make government leaner and more efficient. Perhaps Virginia's Republicans should take a closer look at their work.

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