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Thursday, November 03, 2005 :::

The Conservative Case for Kilgore

Ken Cuccinelli takes to the pages of the Washington Times to offer make the conservative case for Jerry Kilgore:

The conservative philosophy transcends party lines because it focuses on issues, not parties. Conservatives believe in the sanctity of human life, smaller government and lower taxes, protection of the rights to property and to bear arms and, wherever practical, conservatives rely on the free market rather than big government to address our many challenges. As measured on these issues, Republican Jerry Kilgore far outclasses Democrat Tim Kaine.

Now every one of us could and will quibble with Ken's definition of "conservative philosophy." I certainly don't toe the line.

But what is striking about this op-ed is that it had to appear at all. What it shows is that, for all the millions Kilgore has spent, there are those conservatives, of varying stripes, who either do not like him, do not trust him, or some combination of the two.

That's their right.

But in a conversation I had yesterday with a conservative friend of mine, I tossed out the idea that staying home on election day (or going fishing) was an ill-considered strategy. And here's why:

There are two conservative candidates on the statewide ballot...Bill Bolling and Bob McDonnell. Many conservatives I know have supported these two men throughout their careers and certainly throughout this campaign season. If the distaste for Kilgore convinces them to stay home, they will have turned their backs on the two candidates they genuinely support...almost ensuring a sweep of the state's top offices by candidates who are hostile to their beliefs. That not only sets the conservative cause back substantially, it gives the pro-big-government side four, unfettered years to play with the levers of power.

I have made the suggestion that even if conservatives loathe Jerry Kilgore, they should not stay home on election day. They should go to the polls, and get their friends to do the same, and cast their ballot for McDonnell and Bolling. This allows conservatives not only to stay in the game in the short-run, but also ensures they have a firm foundation to build upon for 2009 and beyond.

In the course of voting for Bolling and McDonnell, some may decide to leave the top slot blank. But others may decide to hold their noses and cast an anti-Kaine vote (that does not mean they will vote for Potts...ever).

Two of your guys are on the ballot. If you do nothing else, go vote for them...and save the fishing trip for Spring.

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