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Wednesday, November 02, 2005 :::

Colorado Voters Gut TABOR

The results can be seen here. In approving Referendum C, voters have severely weakened the law, and given the state a huge, early Christmas gift:

Colorado voters were in a giving mood Tuesday, saying "yes" to Referendum C - which will let the state keep and spend $3.7 billion instead of refunding it to taxpayers - and a bevy of other tax increases, including a groundbreaking plan that will offer merit bonuses to some Denver teachers.

While this result will probably derail, or at minimum delay, other states considering TABOR laws (including Virginia), it is also a highly instructive vote for those who have liberally, and wrongly trashed the idea of tax referenda in this state. Voters can and do vote to impose higher taxes on themselves, or in this case, decline their refunds to fuel higher state spending. This may be part of the reason why some of Virginia's anti-taxers are so dead-set against the Kilgore proposal to allow local referenda.

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