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Sunday, November 20, 2005 :::

Brushing Up...And Brushing Back...Bolling

Energized by the results from the election, and freed, for the moment, from his once-a-day blog posting, the TD's Jeff Schapiro sets his sights on Bill Bolling. And from it, we get the road map to Jeff's coverage of the LTG-elect for the next four years.

And if that coverage bears even the slightest resemblance to this column, then Bolling will send a great deal of time during his term removing Schapiro's poison darts from his ample backside. In the span of a few paragraphs, we are told that Bolling:

literally occupies the fringe.

Delivered a speech in defense of the House in 2004 that...

was greeted with sneers from the moderate Republicans and Democrats who dominate the Senate.

That he may be forced...

to reconsider his views that taxes are terrible; that government is greedy; that guns are good; that abortion is an abomination.

That he was unkind to his own constituents...

LOYALTY TO an anti-tax creed is one thing, but opposing a budget that disproportionately enriches your fast-changing suburban Richmond district with jobs and projects could be seen as a betrayal of one's constituency.

That the Senate's nabobs don't send him Christmas cards...

It is such conduct that troubles Senate elders, including the Republican Majority Leader, Walter Stosch, from neighboring Henrico.

That Senate "moderates" may not invite him to tea...

GOP moderates may object to Bolling's presence, viewing him as a threat.

And that he might do unkind things to that truth-teller without peer, Russ Potts...

It is one of those matters that may determine whether the not-exactly-loved Bolling is barely tolerated.

Jeff has sown the field with mines -- covered ever-so-thinly in the language of "maybe" and "perhaps." Schapiro has no more idea of how Bolling will act in his new office than the next guy. But he has made it abundantly clear that his sources and his worldview are mortally offened by the mere prospect of this Hanover Hun swinging the gavel in Virginia's "House of Lords."

At least Jeff has done Bolling the favor of making it known he will receive only the back of Schapiro's reportorial hand in the years ahead. But Schapiro has also guaranteed that his columns on Bolling will, forevermore, be viewed through this black prism of disdain. It took only one effort to completely marginalize his coverage of a major statewide officeholder. Kudos to you, "Good Copy," for cutting off your own nose to spite someone else's face.

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