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Monday, November 14, 2005 :::

A Belated Reply from Sen. Warner

Over three weeks after writing Sen. Warner regarding the Coburn Amendment on defunding the "Bridge to Nowhere," I finally received a reply.

Courteous. Thoughtful. I applaud the L.C. who wrote it. However, it is disheartening:

While I agree with Senator Coburn's aim to control spending, I, along with most of my colleagues, felt that his attempts to withhold transportation funding from certain select states was not appropriate and unfair, and that other means are better avenues for controlling spending.

What those avenues may be is left unclear. But I never really had any hope that Warner would vote in favor of Coburn's amendments. What I had hoped was that more than a scattering of GOP members would see the irony of building a bridge that even residents don't want (well...unless they happen to have a peculiar interest in seeing it built) when the infrastructure of an entire region lays in ruins.

Ah well. Another odd thing about all of this is that I also sent an email to Sen. Allen's office on the same matter. While Allen voted with Coburn, I have yet to receive a reply to my note.

Maybe it's being sent via a post office in New Hampshire.

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