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Thursday, November 17, 2005 :::

Appropriations Bill Voted Down Because There Wasn't Enough Pork?

That's what Andrew at the Club for Growth blog was saying this afternoon. The House defeated the Labor/HHS appropriations bill 209-224. Twenty-two Republicans voted against the bill (including Rep. Ron Paul...who votes against all appropriations bills anyway because he thinks they are unconstitutional). Andrew adds this item taken from a CongressDaily report on the vote:

House Appropriations ranking member David Obey, D-Wis., who noted Republicans refused to negotiate with Democrats and had to rely only on GOP votes. House Appropriations Chairman Lewis said the next step would likely be a yearlong continuing resolution for the bill, which also would trim more than $1.4 billion from last year because it is structured to fund all programs and activities at the lower of either year’s levels. Another possibility is that Republican leaders will try to revive the measure in December, lawmakers said, perhaps attaching it to the FY06 Defense spending bill, although Lewis’ preference is a CR.

Lawmakers after the vote said it was defeated by a wide-ranging coalition of conservatives who do not vote for social services spending under any circumstances, moderate Republicans upset about cuts in rural healthcare access, and Republicans in general who did not receive earmarks under a bill-wide ban negotiated with the Senate. “The combination of all those things was too much for many to swallow, many of those who prefer more spending,” Lewis said.

Now if the first paragraph is true -- that in a continuing resolution, spending would be lower anyway, this could actually be good news on the fiscal restraint front (at least in the Bizzaro world).

But that a handful of Republicans would vote down an appropriations measure because they didn't get a slab of pork is truly galling -- and yet another reason why the GOP should be tossed out on its ear in 2006. Regrettably for us, however, the Democrats are even worse.

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