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Wednesday, October 19, 2005 :::

Wilder on the Candidates

Style Weekly had a chance to sit in on one of Doug Wilder's classes to get a better sense of what he really thinks of the statewide candidates:

On Kaine: “You can’t make a person over. Kaine is not a Bubba.”

On Potts: “Flip! Flopped!” on many issues. Plus, Wilder adds, he’ll never get his message out. “You gotta have the money.”

And on the orangish shirt Kilgore sometimes sports: “Good Lord! Where’d he get that thing from? It makes people think all sorts of things, dontcha know.” doesn't look good on anyone (and I say that as a red head).

On the death penalty issue, we get this:

Kaine’s response, he notes, came in the form of a television ad in which he emphasizes his religious opposition to the death penalty and his willingness to carry out the law. That was a mistake, Wilder says: “He’s already said that. It’s not good enough.”

Wilder says he would have said, “Society has a right to express its outrage. … To the extent that society expresses that right in the form of a law, that is my responsibility to support that law, as a law-abiding citizen as well as governor of the state.” Leave out religion, he says. “How are your morals any better than mine? Or how are mine any better than yours?”

Kilgore could never use such a riposte without raising cries that he was attacking Kaine's faith. And I doubt Wilder would use it, either. Still, it might be effective.

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