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Tuesday, October 25, 2005 :::

Wilder Enters the Fortress

As I predicted, sort of, Mayor Doug Wilder wants to help folks pay their gas bills rather than fork over more money to the listless VAPAF.

The counter-proposal, from councilbeings Pantele and Graziano, would have the city accept the VAPAF's check for $2 million and apply the proceeds to the same end.

Set and match to the Mayor. His idea to use the meals tax funds -- $2.6 million every year -- versus the one-time $2 million VAPAF check, allows him to take the position that he's looking out for the long term, while council is mired in the moment. That's a p.r. battle the council cannot win.

While I personally would prefer to see the meals tax hike repealed, that's not going to happen. Such increases are rarely, if ever, eliminated. So, better to use the money for the purpose of helping the poor rather than subsidizing the toys of the rich (did I really just say that?).

And in another matter, the council decided to stop issuing vehicle registration decals. Good for them. Now if only Henrico would do the same...

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