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Wednesday, October 19, 2005 :::

Wilder and the Meals Tax

From's "Ask the Mayor" feature comes a loaded question:

I have a concern regarding the meals tax. As a single person, I eat out a lot here in the city. That means that, against my wishes, I have contributed to a fund for a performing arts center that I never wanted. Where did all of that money go now that their plans are being scaled back? I like living downtown, but at this point, I'm seeing the West End as a cheaper and friendlier option.

Garry Marshall
Downtown Richmond

There has never been in recorded history any public tax being handed over to a private entity to spend exclusively as it saw fit so to do. City Council did this and did not consider that it was a total waste of money and priority for public spending. The City's auditor found hundreds of thousands of dollars of waste after I had insisted on an accounting. There are three Council persons, namely Mr. Loupassi, Mr. Pantele and Mrs. Graziano, who now want to continue this scenario for the Arts Foundation, despite revelations of waste and profligacy.

Manoli wants to continue using higher meals tax money to fund the VAPAF? Brilliant. If it's true he's been telling people he wants to run for the Republican Lt. Governor nomination in 2009, then he'd better rethink his support for the tax immediately. Otherwise, he's cooked.

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