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Thursday, October 13, 2005 :::

We Come to Bury Russ, Not Praise Him

Garren Shipley pens this political obituary for the Potts campaign.

Potts needs to give serious consideration to packing it in, said Mark Rozell, a professor of political science at George Mason University.

“I think that time is about now, or that happened even earlier than now,” he said. “There’s no chance. It’s clear that the voters are going to support one or the other of the major party candidates.”

Polling at 1 percent, Potts isn’t a first choice anymore, but a “a protest vote for a very small portion of the electorate that are dissatisfied with the major party choices,” Rozell said.

Mickey Mouse will poll stronger than Russ in November. Goofy will give him a real run for his money, too.

“In some ways he’s the most distinctive personality and has the most distinctive set of issues in the race,” he said. “But [Potts] doesn’t have the means of conveying either to the Virginia public right now, and that’s what’s harming him.”

With more money, Holsworth said, Potts could have been a factor.

“If he had had money to advertise and money to be on television and statewide name recognition, he’d be very formidable,” he said. “He’s fabulous on the stump, he’s compelling when he speaks about a lot of issues.”

“He just showed that if you don’t begin with a little bit of celebrity and you don’t have a lot of money, it’s very difficult for an independent candidate to catch hold,” Holsworth said.

A little bit of sanity doesn't hurt either, Dr. Bob. Of course, not everyone is ready to lower the casket just yet. Craig Brians from Virginia Tech says:

Winning in 2005 is out of the question, but if Potts is looking toward 2009, it may pay to hang in, Brians said.

“I don’t know if Potts is going to have very many fans left in the Republican Party after this,” he said. “But our governors can’t run again, so if Kilgore were to win, it might position Potts for next time.”

Above all, though, the Winchester senator must maintain his “statesman” credentials, according to Brians.

Snowballs in Hell have more promising futures than Potts. He will not survive this year. He will not survive in 2007. He is finished.

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