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Tuesday, October 25, 2005 :::

VCG Responds

Phil issues a press release attempting to clear the air over the recent Kaine campaign mailer. It opens strong:

A recent mailing authorized and paid for by the Kaine for Governor Campaign to Republican voters, gives the appearance of having been mailed by the VA Club for Growth. This mailing was NOT authorized or approved by the VA Club for Growth.

“We’re surprised to see Tim Kaine urge Republican voters to question Jerry Kilgore on the issue of taxes” said Phil Rodokanakis, the President of the VA Club for Growth. “Given Kaine’s unequivocal support of Mark Warner’s huge 2004 tax increase, it’s insulting to have a tax-and-spend liberal question anyone’s credentials on taxes.”

The VA Club for Growth is a non-partisan organization and could not have sanctioned such a mailing. Under no circumstances would the VA Club for Growth have used the Republican Elephant logo in any of our mailings.

“This sleazy and misleading mailing is a prime example of what we can expect under a Kaine administration.” Rodokanakis said. “It goes to show that Tim Kaine cannot be trusted to run an honest campaign and he certainly cannot be trusted on the issue of taxes.”

But then it quickly reverts into an attack on Kilgore:

“Jerry Kilgore continues to run an elusive campaign and refuses to let the voters know where he really stands on these issues” said Rodokanakis. “This entire sordid affair and the despicable Kaine mailing could have been avoided had Jerry Kilgore signed the taxpayer protection pledge and took a clear position on the issues of taxes and state spending.”

This "sordid affair" would never have happened if the VCG hadn't issued the original press release bashing Kilgore, and Kilgore alone. Again, I completely understand the practice of organizations savaging candidates who do not agree with their policy ideas. Happens all the time. But there were better ways to frame this disagreement and make it truly non-partisan at the same time. Will this episode have any impact at all on the race? I doubt it. But I also do not doubt that should Kilgore win, the VCG will be aggressively ignored throughout his term.

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