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Monday, October 17, 2005 :::

To Tax, or Not to Tax?

An exchange on the op-ed page of the TD between Michaux Wilkinson and Paul Harris on the fiscal state of the Commonwealth, and whether it would be wise to stop looking for cuts and efficiencies, and start looking for more revenue.

Considering the state is still awash in revenue, I tend to believe Mr. Harris makes the stronger case. But I would believe that anyway (Grover's mind control beams really work). And tomorrow, when Citizens Against Government Waste releases their Virginia Piglet Book, there will be a few more reasons for me to look askance at calls for more, broader and deeper taxes.

It's one thing for the state to meet its obligations. It's quite another when even self-described fiscal conservatives belly-up to the trough for an old-fashioned pork fest.

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