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Sunday, October 30, 2005 :::

TD Endorses Kilgore

Still no surprises in this Times-Dispatch endorsement of Jerry Kilgore.

This newspaper is for Jerry Kilgore. He is right on the crucial issues. He is straightforwardly in tune with the views and values of most Virginia voters. He would go to the Executive Mansion with the courage to fight for his convictions -- and Virginia hardly needs a governor who would not.

What struck me about this endorsement was the overall tone. It's quite positive for Kilgore, while somewhat distant, yet stern, with Kaine. Unlike other editorial pages, which seem to have gone out of their way to bemoan the campaigns of both candidates, to criticize each man fairly and unfairly (or even hysterically, as the case may be), this one neither belittles their efforts nor, by extension, condescends to the voters. That's refreshing if for no other reason than it is increasingly rare.

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