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Wednesday, October 12, 2005 :::

Talking to Himself

The Other Candidate is determined to get on the air, and Richmond's Channel 6 is going to give him a few last, flickering moments of...well...notice. From a Potts release:

CBS 6 News will air key segments of the 'virtual debate' on seven consecutive nights at 11pm, beginning Sunday October 16th through Saturday October 22nd. Each segment will focus on one or two debate topics and will present the complete, timed answers from Mr. Kaine, Mr. Kilgore and Mr. Potts.

The station will then present a composite one-hour virtual debate among the three candidates at 1130pm on Sunday, October 23rd.

I suppose Channel 6 couldn't find the test pattern footage. Oh well, Russ will serve the same purpose.

Interesting timing, though. And I do wonder if this is rebroadcast in entirely within the bounds of the 'no use" agreement, or for that matter, Channel 12's copyright. Maybe it is.

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