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Wednesday, October 26, 2005 :::

Shopping a Dumping Story

Some time ago, a reader told me the Kaine campaign was taking an interest in a story from the Oct. 20 edition of Rolling Stone. Since we allowed our subscription to lapse, I didn't have the story in front of me and forgot about it.

Well, here is the jist of it:

On the environment, Kaine got some more help recently from a weird source: Rolling Stone magazine. In the Oct. 20 issue with Paul McCartney on the cover (come on, can't we get Annie Liebowitz to shoot these covers anymore? Was that the best shot they could come up with?) Sorry, anyway, on page 44 there is a scathing little sidebar on Marvin Bush, the president's brother, who the magazine says, "profited handsomely from illegal dumping" when an investment firm he co-founded bought a waste-disposal company and proceeded to illegally dump as much as 6,500 tons of waste per day in Page County.

The piece singles out Tim Kaine, the lieutenant governor, as having blown the whistle on the dumping in 2003. Here's where it gets even better for Kaine. The piece asserts that it was Jerry Kilgore as attorney general who "repeatedly delayed hearings on the violations, turning a blind eye as Marvin's company continued to dump more than 1,000 tons per day. While the hearings remained stalled, Kilgore was tapped to head President Bush's re-election campaign in Virginia."

Kilgore, the piece adds, never brought any criminal charges or levied any fines and "kept the Bush name out of the mess."

Oddly, the magazine doesn't mention that Kaine and Kilgore are going head-to-head in a nail-biter gubernatorial race.

I don't know anything about the particulars of this story, and take anything coming from RS with a grain of salt. But if the general thrust is true, I would expect to see Kaine bring the matter up among Valley residents -- perhaps in the mail -- before too long.

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