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Monday, October 24, 2005 :::

Say Anything

Russ Potts...on Frank Beamer:

Independent candidate for governor Russ Potts says he helped Virginia Tech football coach Frank Beamer to Blacksburg.
Potts was a professional sports promoter, big-time college athletics director and an executive with baseball's Chicago White Sox before he entered politics.

He told a Virginia Municipal League gathering today that he helped usher in the Beamer era.

Potts and Beamer had known each other since the early 1970s when both were at the University of Maryland. At the time Beamer was a graduate assistant football coach and Potts was an assistant athletics director.

In 1987, Beamer was head coach at Murray State University and pursuing the Virginia Tech coaching vacancy.

Both say that Beamer called Potts on the eve of his job interview seeking some advice.

Asking for directions to all blends together after a while.

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