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Monday, October 24, 2005 :::

Rasmussen -- Kilgore by 2

Via Chad, we get another poll, from Scott Rasmussen, showing Kilgore up by 2 over Kaine, but within the margin of error. This confirms the M-D poll from the weekend in some ways, but not necessarily in others.

On issues that Virginians are most concerned with, Rasmussen finds:

The economy ranks as the number one issue for 24% of Virginia voters. Twelve percent (12%) say health care is most important and another 12% say education. Eleven percent (11%) name taxes and 10% say Immigration.

Compare that list with Mason-Dixon's:

Education/public school funding: 21 percent
State taxes/spending: 17 percent
Roads/traffic/transportation: 15 percent
Economic issues: 8 percent
Crime/death penalty/justice: 7 percent

Some of this comes from how the questions are asked, no doubt. But it also tells me that people are concerned about a lot of things...and I suspect far more really are worried about the economy, given the impact of rising fuel prices, than almost anything else.

Still, this does not mean the final days will see a rush of activity toward more substantive policy issues. Campaigns talked about those all summer long, and no one cared (because, as conventional wisdom says, no one pays attention to the candidates before Labor Day). Now, we're on the hot button issues that have little long-term impact because they move votes at the margin. And in a race this tight, it's at the margin where the victor will be determined.

Speaking of margins, the Other Candidate pulls 2%. Hey! It's up from 1 in the last Rasmussen poll! You can feel electricity in the air.

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