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Saturday, October 08, 2005 :::

Pottsie's Out

Chad followed the story on the Potts lawsuit to its alomost comical finish, and links to this Garren Shipley article on the matter. I found this bit from the Other's post-loss statement intriguing:

“I entered this race on principle, and I filed this lawsuit on principle. I earned my way on that stage Sunday night.”

From what I understand,and what I long suspected, was that Potts entered this race not on principle, but in a concerted attempt to damage Kilgore. They have had a deep, years-long feud running between them. And Russ entered the race purely as payback. It seems, too, that Potts could have had the VEA endorsement...could have had the NARAL endorsement...but never darkened the doors of either group asking for it. I he was really interested in principle -- and winning -- Potts would have agreesively sought those endorsements. He did not.

It seems the only thing Russ continues to earn is contempt. Except from the Daily Press.

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