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Thursday, October 06, 2005 :::

Potts Sues to Get in Debate (UPDATED)

This is the surprise?

In a lawsuit his aides said was being filed in federal court in Charlottesville today, Potts seeks an injunction to stop the debate, alleging that his First Amendment rights would be violated if the exchange goes forward.


Meanwhile, the "no-use" kerfuffle is over:

That possibility was made more likely Thursday morning when both Kaine and Kilgore agreed to sign a no-use agreement ensuring that snippits of the debate would not end up in campaign commercials. A Kaine aide said Thursday that the Democrat did so "under protest."

"Students submit things to me under protest all the time, so that's ok," Sabato responded. "Looks like we have a debate."



Here, via Race to Richmond, is a pdf file of the suit.

Potts thinks ballot status alone qualifies him to appear on stage at the debate. Right. Tell it that Bill Redpath.

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