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Thursday, October 27, 2005 :::

Outrage Among the Outrageous

Chad had this post earlier about a website that pictured Maryland's Lt. Gov. Michael Steele in black face with caption "I's simple Sambo and I's running for the Big Hose." On the site was a blog ad from the Kaine campaign.

Much hay was made over the placement, and Kaine's campaign moved fairly quickly to have the ad removed. Good for them.

Now, via Waldo, I see where Kos is unloading both barrels at Kaine's campaign for being "...scared of their own shadows." (Interesting word choice).

Kos says, in part:

...every time a campaign freaks out at a blogger and pulls their ads, we're going to raise a stink about it and inevitably make that campaign look bad. So they should think long and hard before putting money into a Blogad campaign.

The last thing any of us need are bloggers afraid to be themselves lest they lose out on ad money. And that's what this sort of shit creates. It's a chilling effect.

So in refusing to put money into the pocket of a cretin, Kaine is imposing a "chilling effect" on bloggers?

This is insane. And the comments are even nuttier.

But the even bigger nut is the guy running the site where the outrageous Steele picture first appeared. He calls Kaine a coward and, because wacky captions seem to be his thing, he adds this one to a photo of Mr. Kaine:

Coward. Black people should shut their mouths

Precious. And the comments on this drivel are just as bonkers as they were over at the Kos site.

Kaine did the right thing. For a gaggle of nitwits to pillory him for it is beyond words.

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