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Tuesday, October 25, 2005 :::

On State Management

The TD editorial page offers a valuable comparison between governors and third-party measures of state management:

Of course, Virginians are led to believe by Warner that "investments" (read: massive tax increases) helped preserve Virginia's coveted triple-A bond rating -- and, in time, earned the Commonwealth Governing Magazine's "best-managed state" award.

Virginians could believe that. But they also might want to know that in 1992 and 1993, Financial World magazine ranked Virginia the best-managed state. They also might like to hear that in 1993, City and State magazine (which merged with Governing in 1994) gave the same distinction to the Old Dominion, tying it with Tennessee.

And the kicker:

Governor L. Douglas Wilder said at the time, "The first order of business for any government is to keep its house in order."

As Wilder courageously proved, a state can keep its house in order, maintain its triple-A bond rating, and earn best-managed awards from magazines during budgetary messes -- all without general tax hikes.

Regrettably, some Republicans in the General Assembly didn't learn this lesson.

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