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Sunday, October 23, 2005 :::

More on the M-D Poll

From Garren Shipley at the Northern Virginia Daily comes an analysis of the Mason Dixon numbers that Ace TD reporter Jeff Schapiro doesn't bother to offer -- which is odd considering this:

Across the state, the race has started to break toward one candidate or the other, except for the Richmond metro area, which remains split at 43 percent each for Kaine and Kilgore, 7 percent for Potts and 7 percent undecided.

Given historic trends, that region and the race may turn on the outcome in Henrico County.

“It is likely that the city of Richmond will back Kaine and that Chesterfield County will favor Kilgore, making Henrico County [carried by Democrat Mark Warner in 2001] the bellwether county,” wrote J. Bradford Coker, Mason-Dixon’s managing director, in an analysis of the results.

Warner won Henrico by 3.5 percent. He won the entire state by more than 5 percent.

Now how about that? It strikes me the TD would have been all over this information, considering Henrico is, literally, in the TD's backyard. But, for reasons only Jeff and his editors will ever know, they don't pick up on the information.

Well, at least Shipley does. And considering Henrico is Kilgore's home now, I wonder if we might be seeing more of him around these parts.

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