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Tuesday, October 11, 2005 :::

More on the Kilgore Ads

Chad has an extensive post on the new ads, including remarks from a pressie saying that the ads may help Kilgore "win the day."

We shall see. But there are two others, a second featuring Stanley Rosenbluth, and another featuring Kelly Timbrook, that take the same, emotionally hard line with viewers on Tim Kaine's death penalty activism.

Are they manipulative? Of course...but there isn't an ad on television, or any other media for that matter, that doesn't manipulate people's hopes, fears, desires, prejudices, you name it. Even that damnable Potts ad played the manipulation game (join the Potts the crowd...everyone's doing it!).

Of additional interest in that in the email touting the ads, Ken Hutcheson asks not only for donations (naturally) but also asks recipients to forward the email to five other people so they can see the ads (and the ask) as well. Viral marketing at its most basic.

Meanwhile, over on the Times Dispatch blog, Jeff Schapiro manages to ignore the ads in favor of a treacly bit about how Kaine will get the backing of Bluegrass Legend (and decades-long Democratic activist) Ralph Stanley.

Thanks for keeping up with the latest, Jeff.

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