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Thursday, October 06, 2005 :::

Meanwhile, Pottsie is Chapped

In spite of the collective yawns from Virginians in the wake of his "side-splitting" ads, and irrespective of an avalanche of fawning editorials from newspapers, the Other Candidate is hopping mad at his exclusion from the Sunday Sominex-fest. But try to follow this logic:

The debate was organized by Sabato (who will serve as moderator) who unilaterally stipulated that Potts' participation in the event was contingent on him reaching 15 percent or higher in two statewide polls. The campaign argues that the July Mason-Dixon poll response that 58 percent want Potts included in debates demonstrates public support for the motion. A federal judge hears the motion late morning tomorrow at U.S. District Court in Charlottesville.

All he needed was to equal or beat 15% in two polls before the debate. He failed. But -- what's this? In one poll, 58% said Potts should be included. Yet in subsequent polls, including another by Mason-Dixon, Potts's support actually dropped.

Can't you see? The people want me in...they just don't support me, that's all!

Say good night, Senator.

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