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Friday, October 21, 2005 :::

The Marrs/Waddell Money Race

Snoopy at RiverCity Rapids takes a look at the campaign finances of Brad Marrs and Katherine Waddell and finds they are neck-and-neck in the money race. Waddell, in fact, has more cash on hand -- a lot more -- going into the last weeks of the campaign.

Marrs counts a busload full of law firms, numerous incumbent Republican pols, PACs, PACs and more PACs, and even Manoli Loupasi among his financial backers. Waddell has secured funds from the West End A-list, but there's also money from Mark Warner's PAC, Russ Potts (a thank you for the endorsement, perhaps?), former incumbent Panny Rhodes, former councilman John Conrad and former Marrs challenger Ed Barber.

But the point of the race is not to see who can raise the most, or who finishes with the most in the bank. Both are spending good chunks of money on direct mail (which has gotten Marrs into some trouble) and Marrs is also spending on TV ads (though I've yet to see one).

If the race could be determined by yard signs alone, Waddell would win. Marrs has some up -- and the ones I've seen are HUGE. But more important, perhaps, is the gratuitous slap at Marrs on today's TD editorial page.

If there was ever an instance where a newspaper telegraphs its endorsement in a HOD race, this is it. Whether the TD's role will have any impact on the vote remains to be seen. I tend to think Marrs will win. But the world will not end if he loses. In fact, the district may just get a delegate, in Waddell, who wants to hear from them. And that would be a novel thing.

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