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Monday, October 31, 2005 :::

The Last Measure of a Man

Russ Potts held a news conference in Richmond today ( didn't get the memo?). The press was there, as they always have been for their "truth teller." Here is the story, such as it is. Potts vows to stay in and "be a factor."

But in the video portion of the story (not available online), Potts was asked that if he should drop out, which of the two candidates would he endorse. He said he had problems with both Kaine and Kilgore -- but would not endorse Kilgore.

When asked his choices for Lt. Gov. and Atty. Gen., Potts went out of his way to say he would not support Bolling or McDonnell.

And he is also under the impression he will be able to weather any fresh attempt in the next Senate session to strip him of his committee leadership positions.

He may be right. But I think there may also be a much stronger push next time. And with Bill Bolling ruling from the dais, the cause may move much closer to success.

And, already backtracking from his pledge not to run agagin in 2007, Potts said he's not given any thought at all to his political future.

This is the full measure of Russ Potts. Driven by bitterness, fueled by rage.

The district he current represents in the Senate deserves better. As do we all.

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