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Thursday, October 06, 2005 :::

Kaine Spin

Shaking off the slap from Larry Sabato, the Kainiacs have issued an email that's quite amusing:

Sunday night at 7:00 pm, most Virginia voters will have the opportunity to watch Tim Kaine and Jerry Kilgore present and defend their agendas - unless, of course, Jerry ducks the debate.

This mornings Daily Press says: "It has been an open secret since late last week that Jerry Kilgore's handlers were out to rationalize their way out of a commitment to have their candidate participate in the one statewide televised debate - it's at 7 p.m. Sunday - of the gubernatorial contest... Unscripted, spontaneous expressions of opinion - that is, getting up and explaining why you believe what you believe - are simply not a Kilgore specialty..."

Ah, the DP -- they may still have eyes for Pottsie, but their heart belongs to Tim.

Seems to me Kaine's people would be more circumspect in setting expectations. And isn't it nice to see they haven't totally abandoned their "Jerry the Duck" theme?

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