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Monday, October 24, 2005 :::

Kaine Spin on Mason-Dixon

From the headline in the email from the Kaine campaign: "Kaine Leads on the Issues"

But he doesn't lead in the poll (but who can say, really, with the race within the margin of error).

What I found interesting was this:

This is the third poll in ten days to show that Jerry Kilgore's negative campaign strategy has backfired. According to Mason-Dixon, his negative ratings are six points higher than Tim Kaine's. That Kilgore's negatives are closing in on 30% should surprise no one - with no positive vision for Virginia's future and a campaign strategy focused on dividing Virginians, the more voters hear from Jerry Kilgore, the less they like him.

Backhanded praise of one's own candidate...not as many people dislike me as dislike Jerry...Tim's cruisin'! Compare the unfavorable's in Mason-Dixon to today's Rasmussen numbers:

Overall, Kilgore is viewed favorably by 54% of Virginia voters and unfavorably by 37%. For Kaine, the numbers are 57% favorable and 34% unfavorable.

I prefer to look at it this way: the majority of Virginians look upon both candidates favorably.

And then there was this:

Our job as Tim Kaine's supporters is to make absolutely certain that every Virginia voter hears the good news about Tim Kaine's positive vision for Virginia's future.

Hear the "good news"? This faith-based campaign messaging is getting out of hand. At least they didn't say Gospel.

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