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Monday, October 03, 2005 :::

It Was Not Thus Always

Over at Sic Semper, both Old Zach and Lighthorse Harry are unleashing their fury at the President and the seeming inability of conservatives to stand up for principle these days.

I agree. It seems increasingly that conservatives have been rolled by Bush, even to the point of becoming his enablers. Perhaps soon, someone will stand up and say "enough."

At least I hope so.

I'm still waiting for George Allen to speak out and become a force for principle in the Senate. Right now, he will be a follower -- behind people like DeMint and Coburn and...yes...McCain. But better to follow and help than sit mute on the sidelines...or on a plane to New Hampshire.

I'm still waiting for other members of Virginia's delegation to get behind Eric Cantor's proposal to impose an across-the-board cut in discretionary spending.

Maybe they will. Maybe this is the trough and change is on its way. Again, I hope so.

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