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Saturday, October 29, 2005 :::

Hotline Rounds-up Reaction on Kaine Blog Ad

Earlier, I asked wether a story about an online flap really exists if the real world press does not cover it. Well, the Hotline's Blogometer looks at the story of Tim Kaine's ill-starred BlogAd, gathering both online reaction (including from me, Chad and Waldo), and points to a Baltimore Sun story where we discover that this is not the first time Maryland Lt. Gov. Steele has been the object of racist attacks:

Steele has endured similar criticism before that his positions are not in line with those of many other African-Americans. He said that during a 2002 campaign debate, Democratic supporters tossed Oreo cookies at him - an object that is black on the outside and white inside. Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller, a Democrat, once called Steele an "Uncle Tom" in a quote published in 2001, although Miller later said it was taken out of context.

I do not know how a comment like "Uncle Tom " can be taken out of context.

Nevertheless, Tim Kaine's campaign did exactly the right thing in pulling its ad from the Gilliard site. And given the history of ugly attacks against Steele for daring to be a black Republican, Maryland's '06 Senate contest could prove to be one of the most vicious, nasty affairs in recent memory.

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