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Sunday, October 09, 2005 :::

"Good Copy" Walks the Line

Jeff Schapiro describes Tim Kaine's walk along the GOP line in today's sermon.

Background music: take your pick...Frankie Valli's "Walk Like a Man" or Lindsey Buckingham's "Walk a Thin Line".

Even so, Jeff's piece is not what it's headline claims. Rather than a discussion of Kaine's narrow path, it's another in a series of articles pulling Kilgore apart, along with (cue the ominous gong) Jim Gilmore.

And even more than that, it's a meditation on the warfare that might, ought, should, will(!) break-out between General Assembly "moderates" and Kilgore should he win in November.

Ah yes. The moderates. What else can one find in the middle of the road? Yellow lines, potholes and accidents. And, it seems, loads of good copy.

But it is here, in the middle of the road (cue The Pretenders) that Jeff believes Kaine and the moderates will meet, embrace and find electoral salvation:

It is clear that Kaine is less of a threat to the middle-of-the-roaders than is Kilgore. Kaine, as a Democrat, might be an additional check on the system, forcing accommodation -- as Warner's presence did -- and perhaps protecting Republicans from themselves.

This makes the rather bold assumption that Kilgore will, somehow, declare open war on the "moderates" in an attempt to push through his agenda. I doubt that. If anything, Kilgore has made it abundantly clear that he will go along to get along, as he did during the primaries earlier this year when he endorsed GOP incumbents facing challengers from the anti-tax camp. Hardly the stuff of an ideological purist.

And that, my dear Jeff, is why there is still a lingering distrust of Kilgore among some of my flat-earth friends. Oh, they may vote for him in November. But more than a few will abstain from voting for the top of the ticket. Their hearts are with Bolling and McDonnell and folks like Michael Golden and Chris Craddock.

Now if Kilgore were to bring George Fitch more to the forefront, he might go some way to healing this breach. George is their man (mine, too). Why isn't he out there on the stump right now? Who knows? I understand from a variety of sources that Fitch will be "taken care of" should Kilgore win. But that could mean anything from a position of influence to cement overshoes. The time for coyness is long past, Jerry.

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