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Sunday, October 30, 2005 :::

Endorsement Follies

From J.R. at Bearing Drift comes one of the most comical endorsements of the season. After settling on Tim Kaine for Governor and local favorite Bob McDonnell for Attorney General, the Virginian-Pilot comes to the LG slot:

Instead of endorsing one of the major party’s candidates for lieutenant governor, Republican Bill Bolling and Democrat Leslie Byrne are demonized as ideologues. VP, instead, encourages Virginian’s to write-in Potts for Lieutenant Governor.

Good grief.

Meanwhile, the Roanoke Times, a bastion of clear thinking and careful judgement, has endorsed Kaine for Governor. No surprise here, either. Alton at ImNotEmeril has this on the Kabuki theater the RT goes through before it makes an endorsement. Jerry reports the result with his usual flair.

Fish wrap indeed.

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