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Wednesday, October 26, 2005 :::

A Democratic Contract with America

So while I was poking around on the Rolling Stone website, I ran across their "blog," such as it is. One item stuck out of the usual litany of leftist drivel and conspiracy theories:

Roll Call reports that Democrats are scrambling to put the finishing touches on their agenda for 2006, a sort of progressive Contract With America. Reid, Pelosi & Co. had been planning to unveil it early next year, but have apparently decided to strike while the iron is hot. The basic bullet points break down like this:

* Set Iraq withdrawal benchmarks
* Achieve energy independency by 2016
* Increase the minimum wage
* End deficit spending
* Provide affordable health insurance
* Offer universal college access (via more scholarships and grants)
* Fully fund No Child Left Behind
* Impose stronger ethics oversight
* Pass new lobbying restrictions
* Create people-centric Katrina relief

Even the RS folks aren't impressed: " I wrong or is this just Clintonianism, re-heated?"

I think Clinton was a bit bolder than this, at least initially (Hillarycare, anyone?). But if this meandering pile of lint is all the Democrats can come up with as they attempt to rally the nation to their cause and their side of the ticket, then the GOP -- for all its pin-headed, pork-laden, fecklessness -- looks likely to do fairly well in 2006. And that's a shame, really. Because what America desperately needs is a muscular, determined, visionary, loyal that can play on the GOP's greatest weaknesses (fiscal and otherwise) to offer voters a genuine alternative. There will not be mass rallies in the streets for "people-centric Katrina relief." Unless the attendees are paid. And paid well. With time off...and don't scrimp on the benes, either!

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