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Thursday, October 20, 2005 :::

Conservative Revolt? It's Just a Phase

That's what Fred Barnes thinks anyway. In one of the more outlandish whitewashings I've seen (at least this week), Barnes brushes aside conservative grumblings with the Bush administration as a "political phase." Though he does say, too, that "...the rapport between Bush and many conservatives will never be quite the same again."

That's sweet.

I suspect that part of what Fred says is true. Recall that conservatives even had their snits with Reagan back in the day, thinking he'd sold them out over this that and the other. But at the same time, Barnes misses and dismisses the deeper discontents. Anger over the Miers nomination may indeed be a flashpoint, but to say that the recent unpleasantness is all directed at Bush completely ignores the case against congressional Republicans.

For me, at least, that is where the real problem exists. And until they come to their senses, and rediscover at least some of the principles that made them a majority party, conservative discontent will only continue to grow.

The Senate has an opportunity today to strike a blow for common sense. Will they do it? I hope so. If not, then the possibility of an electoral thumping in 2006 becomes all the more real.

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