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Thursday, October 20, 2005 :::

Cantor's Remarks on Spending

Via Redstate, Rep. Eric Cantor has this to say about moves to restrain spending in the House. Snip:

The plan is to ensure that we can increase th amount of mandatory savings by $50b. We will go through the process of reducing the entitlement spending. We are also aiming to do what every household in America does when times get tough, which is to tighten the belt. Everything is on the table. Supports a 5% across the board cut, is even willing to go higher. We are going to "de-authorize" programs that didn't get funding so that in future years they won't add cost to the ledger. We will go through the process of pulling back money that' still in some federal agency accounts.

Cantor's saying the right things. But is anyone else in the House listening?

His remarks, and that Redstate post, are a part of a "Blog Row" where a group of bloggers has a brief opportunity to speak directly with House Republican members (more extensive and varied interviews can be found here).

It's a good concept. Maybe, someday, the General Assembly will host its own version of this event. Now wouldn't that be a hoot?

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