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Tuesday, October 04, 2005 :::

Blogs Popping Up All Over(UPDATED)

The WaPo adds to its blog line-up with The Fix...just in case you haven't been getting enough conventional wisdom in your diet.

Plus, the Hotline has a blog, where they have this tid bit on Doug Wilder:

Although ex-VA Gov/Richmond Mayor Doug Wilder is remaining mum on any gubernatorial endorsement until after the third and final debate this Sunday between LG Tim Kaine and ex-AG Jerry Kilgore, a source close to the nation's first and only elected black governor told The Hotline earlier today that Wilder would make an announcement tomorrow regarding "statewide politics this year." Asked if the announcement would pertain to one of VA's two down-ticket races (LG and AG), the source said "probably."

That was posted yesterday. So that means, if the sources are correct, Wilder may make an announcement today.


Maybe Doug's crossing the lines. Via Chad, I see that Not Larry Sabato says Wilder will endorse Leslie Byrne for Lt. Gov. and Bob McDonnell for Attorney General...owing to their past support for Wilder's "one gun a month" program, enacted while he was governor.

That Doug...he does have a long memory. Of course, he's still mum on the top of the ticket. But that may change, too.

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