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Sunday, October 23, 2005 :::

Another Poll, Still a Tight Race

Mason-Dixon's latest shows Kilgore with a 2 point lead, but well within the 4 point margin of error. One critical nugget from the poll is this:

In a sign that Kilgore may face an anti-GOP headwind, The Times-Dispatch Poll -- the third of four this campaign -- indicates that Republicans aren't as excited about him as Democrats are about Kaine.

Among Democrats, 84 percent are supporting Kaine. Of voters identifying themselves as Republicans, 79 percent favor Kilgore.

Kilgore, who presses law-and-order themes that resonate with GOP voters, may have decided to run the disputed death-penalty spots in hopes of bringing home Republicans.

Whether they "come home" and vote for Kilgore, or stay home and wash their hands of the whole affair could mean the difference in the race.

Oh, and the Other Candidate continues to fade -- the margin of error simply refuses to release him from its grip.

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