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Wednesday, October 12, 2005 :::

Another Look at Kaine as Richmond Mayor

Style Weekly gets around to publishing a closer look at Tim Kaine's mayoral record. There are a number of points worth noting in the article, but a couple really stand out:

Kaine tried, however. He set out to make the office of mayor more than honorary, both by building relationships on council and by appointing a new city manager: Calvin Jamison. Where the previous city manager Robert Bobb took a leading role in setting city policy, Jamison took a back seat.

A former human resources executive at Ethyl Corp. with no prior government experience, Jamison’s hiring was criticized by some in the community and on City Council. Some worried that Jamison was too green to tackle the city’s tougher issues, such as the skyrocketing homicide rate. Jamison’s biggest proponent on council, however, was Tim Kaine. And after Jamison took office, Kaine took on a much more visible role, becoming something of a de facto strong mayor.

It may be true that Jamison took less of a leading role in city affairs while Kaine was mayor. But apres Tim le deluge: indictments (Sa'ad El-Amin, and Gwen Hedgepeth), resignations in disgrace (City Assessor Vinson), bungled, bloated deals (the Performing Arts Center being the most visible) and golden parachutes (for Jamison and Police Chief Andre Parker). If anything, Kaine should have stayed put in Richmond to keep the City Manager on a short leash.

And what of the Kaine we see on the campaign trail today? He's a different man than he was as mayor:

Trouble is, he [Hicks] and Moeser agree, the Kaine they see running for governor isn’t the same ebullient quarterback he was as mayor. They see a Kaine who’s more cautious in expressing his views, a Kaine who has been repackaged as a conservative in order to appeal to a broader spectrum of Virginians.

Therein lies the danger, Moeser says. “He is not as clear and decisive with regard to what I think his core values are,” he says. And in this campaign, Moeser says, he seems to be losing “some of what made Tim Kaine uniquely Tim Kaine.”

Hicks thinks Kaine is in a no-lose situation:

...if Kaine falls short of success in his bid to run a red state, Hicks says, he has another option: “Tim will immediately become the first choice of many to become the next mayor of the city of Richmond,” he says.

He may just get that chance.

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