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Saturday, October 01, 2005 :::

Another Death Rattle

Via Garren Shipley at the Northern Virginia Daily comes another spasm from the Potts corpse:

Potts’ campaign does have a trifecta of bad trends — low name recognition, a comparatively small bank account and no party affiliation, said Virginia Tech political scientist Craig Brians.

With less than $1 million raised at the Sept. 1 reporting deadline and a name recognized by less than 50 percent of voters according to Mason-Dixon, Potts has a tough row to hoe.

I feel happy! I feel happy!

Meanwhile, Chad is hearing rumors:

Anyway, we might be in for some more fun with ole Russ before he sails away into the night. I hear that the Potts campaign has some “specific plans” for the Richmond debate, despite the fact that it is now evident that Potts won’t make the 15% threshold for participation.

Don’t be surprised to see Potts try to storm the stage and demand to participate, or some similar stunt to draw attention to himself. He’ll probably just be asked to leave the studio, or make a big fuss that gets him into the story…or maybe he’ll get arrested. Wouldn’t that be a spectacle?

Oh indeed it would. Perhaps he'll gather the masses for one last orgy of pot-banging...upon which Mayor Doug might release the hounds.

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