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Sunday, September 18, 2005 :::

Virginia Blog Carnival III

From the state that gave the world both Thomas Jefferson and Gwar, comes the richest, bloggiest goodness on the internet.

Reporting in from a secure location somewhere in the Shenandoah Valley, Steve "Blue Dog" Sission, who followed his inner Yoko and established his own site over at the Blue Dog, submits what he calls a"blog-flogging deluxe" titled 'Meet the Democrat' Host. Oh, there will be a lot of pot bangin' after that one.

While we're in the mountains and valleys, Brian Patton of Clintwood -- who covers politics and NASCAR at the eponymous Brian Patton blog, wonders about a rumor that the Bristol Motor Speedway may be selling naming rights to the facility. He is not pleased...and with good reason.

Chris Hall of Blacksburg, who blogs at Spacecraft, says the title of his post, Virginia should decline the I-81 funding in the highway bill to help with relief efforts along the Gulf Coast. Sounds good to me...but what will become of the poor paving contractors?

And from the hardest workin' man in the entire blogosphere, Kilo..that's Wise's own Carl Kilo to you and me...and the publisher of Spark It Up!!!, offer a bit of local news, with a twist. There's always a twist when the K-Man is online.

Meanwhile, the earliest rising man in the Virginia blog world, Jerry Fuhrman, who writes From on High in Bland offers Hurricane Appalachia. Jerry questions the massive federal commitment to rebuild New Orleans and surrounding areas, while closer home, Mountain communities endure a slow-motion descent into poverty and despair.

Chad Dotson, the creative force behind Commonwealth Conservative and the first host of the VBC, pays tribute two of Wise County's favorite sons. Hint: neither of them are named "John Behan," and both of them play professional football for teams other than the Miami Dolphins (who will rise again -- I swear).

Hitting the road, we end up back in Central VA -- Richmond, to be exact, where Robert Sterling who blogs at R804, writes about the societal consequences of brunch. But this isn't your grandmother's "let's wear pearls to the Jefferson and gossip" kind of brunch. No, it's "...a gateway drug to sloppy noontime drunkenness." No wonder grandma had that look in her eye on Sunday afternoons.

Resetting our moral compasses, Bon Air's own Blue in the Commonwealth_Va, who blogs at Blue in Virginia gives us a case for progressive Christianity. It's a thought-provoking post from one of the bright lights of the Virginia blogosphere.

And what trip to Richmond would be complete without a post from Snoopy of RiverCity Rapids fame. And quite a post it is. Here's how he sets it up:

We should all be a little ashamed we sat back and took it all these years while the graft and corruption just got worse. No one is without blame in this and anyone that tells you differently is dishonest. All over the city before you saw people standing up for this or against that but never for the whole city in any meaningful way. Sure they may have said something would help or hurt the whole city; but really, the ward system only ensured council members looked after their own district and to hell with the other eight.

That is why the new system, warts and all, will prove to be the saving grace of Richmond. We now have the one man as Mayor who can pull off these massive changes to exercise the inbred nature of our city government, and do it without cries of racism and the hystrionics we have sadly become so accustomed to. We need to do it now so in a few years, returning to the easy, lazy, corrupt days of old will not be an option.

It will not all be done in four years, but we can achieve enough to get started and I believe it will be done. Only then will we be able to emerge as a city that is synonymous with verve rather than impotence.

Lordy, but my keyboard's smokin' now! On to Not Emeril Legasse, the nom de plum of ImNotEmeril, from Collinsville, gives us the reasons why he tortures himself with the Roanoke Times everyday. Wait for the reasons at the end...I doubt you'll see in the RT's next marketing campaign, but you should.

Bill Emory from Slabtown is the creator of one of the most intriguing blogs I've seen, Black and White. In gibbous moon, we continue the life of corn. I only wish I had a fraction of Bill's talent with words and pictures.

And now for a few Captain's Picks.

First, Andrew Beaujon who many Richmonders, including Brad Armstrong, will recognize as one of the contributors to Save Richmond, has a great blog called Jimmy Page's Sweater Vest. From here, we get a real life lesson in lawn care. It's great stuff.

Another Richmonder, the mysterious "TSM" from City by the James gives us a top ten list of things overheard at the VAPAFboard meeting. If it wasn't satire, I'd swear it was true.

Also, check out Haduken, a Richmond blog produced by Ross Catrow and a host of others. In this post, we are asked to devise a new slogan for Richmond. It won't please the boosters, but it does tell us a lot about what people really think of "Doug's Place."

And then there's Spotsylvania's own Shaun Kenney, who blogs at Shaun In this post, Shaun gives us a peek at his reading list. And what's that on the shelf? Derrida? Heidegger? Phenomenology? No wonder he's not in the House of Delegates yet...he's too busy trying to unravel the secrets of the human soul.

And this one from Richmonder Chris Couch at Tales of a Post-Grad Nothing, was just too damned funny not to be part of the Virginia Blog Carnival. Why? Because it looks at the weird, but wonderful things at the State Fair. Bonus: pictures of the Superchicken!

Well, that's all for this edition of the Virginia Blog Carnival. Many thanks to all those who submitted their posts, and a special thanks to the "Captain's Picks" for not starting legal action. The next VBC will be hosted by none other than the often quoted, but never imitated, Kenton Ngo at 750 Volts. I hope he has as much fun with it as I have.

And for more information on the VBC and how to bring the Carnival to your very own blog, check out Chad's VBC page today!

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