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Wednesday, August 03, 2005 :::

Notes from a Kilgore Conference Call

While we're talking (or yawning) about the innards of gubernatorial campaigns today, here's a little insight from a reader on the recently completed Kilgore conference call on his Higher Education plans.

Before the call over, "Delacey Skinner shoots off an e-mail: Jerry Kilgore: bad for education."

Yeah, that's pretty sharp shooting...taking rapid response to an entirely new level. The reader also believes this is a sign that coordination between the Kaine campaign and the DPVA is getting increasingly close. It could be Dickie Cranwell's doing...he's a sharp one, after all. If so, it's also possible that Warner really is cracking the whip behind the scenes.

About the time I was reading this email, another comes over the line. Hey! It's from George Allen! What does he want?

Oh. He's raising money for Kilgore. Not a bad piece, either...not too shrill and with just about the right amount of asks for money. Interesting, though, that George's introduction refers to his own re-election campaign. The Kilgore/Allen circle is drawn even tighter. Thanks for helping help Jerry.

So one the one hand, Kaine's spokesmodels are zipping out emails while Jerry is still talking about his latest proposals. Nice, sharp, effective zingers to get their man's position mentioned in the stories (or at least raise doubts about Kilgore).

On the other, Kilgore's fundraising machine is trolling for dollars, with George Allen casting the net for him this time.

The cogs are all meshing nicely.

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