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Tuesday, August 02, 2005 :::

Apples and Oranges

Raising Kaine has once again imported Ellen to warn us all about the ghastly perils of "direct democracy."


I suppose it bears repeating, though honestly it shouldn't:

Referenda are not initiatives.

Never have been.

Never will be.

Just in case that still hasn't sunk in anywhere, here are some handy definitions, And here is a list of states which already have the legislative referendum power at their disposal.

Wait...what's this?

Virginia is on this list!

Call out the National Guard before the mob gets wind of it!

Virginia's legislature already has the power to place "...binding and non-binding statues (laws) and statutory bonds...on the ballot by the legislature or government body."

We're all doomed! Whoa...what does that little symbol mean beside Virginia's listing on legislative statues: "States are not required to place legislative statutes on the ballot. The states that are marked give their legislature the authority to place statutes on the ballot for a public vote."

Truly, these are the end times. Virginia already gives the legislature...not the people...the legislature...the power to clutter up the ballot with God knows what kind of evil referenda. Like the time they put those two regional referenda on the ballot in 2002. They wanted to ask the people if they wanted to raise their own taxes to pay for transportation projects. Huckers! Wimps! They passed the buck! Read my lips: C-O-W-A-R-D-S!

Oh. You mean Mark Warner and Tim Kaine were for the regional referenda? You mean they wanted to pass the buck? And the referenda lost...even though opponents were outspent more than 10-1?

Oh. I guess that's why referenda are a bad idea for Virginia. Even though the state can already do it. Even though Kaine and Warner were for the idea in 2002. Even though...oh, hell. You get the idea.

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