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Tuesday, May 03, 2005 :::

Jim's Not Buying It (Updated)

Jim Bacon's come down against Kilgore in the hussle-tussle over Kilgore's voice.

Well, Jim, I think this is a strange and silly thing. Strange in that Kaine's strategists, while reading the lefty blogs during the long, cold winter, hit on the idea that Kilgore just sounds too gay. Let's make an issue of it, but not have the candidate himself utter the actual attack.

Silly it is, too, that Kilgore would say they are simply harping on his accent to create divisions. Maybe, maybe not. Better he should have said what the Kaine surrogates have been putting out there for some time -- they're smearing me and my family.

It's true that only "campaign insiders" may have heard the locker room talk about Kilgore. But give me a damn break. This is the blog era, Jim. That good-ol-boy chatter needs to be dragged out into the fresh air and exposed for all to see. Just might make all our civil discourse a little more civil, don't you think?

And while we're at it, let's not dismiss out of hand (just because it might seem like "whining" to some people) the very real idea that a whisper campaign, or even a legitimate ad campaign based upon those whispers, doesn't have a real affect on the average voter. That's just placing your head in the sand.

This is negative campaigning at its, well, at its best. It's important to look at, expose, and understand.

More Perspective

Bob at Commonwealth Commonsense adds this thoughts on the matter. I think he makes some interesting observations.

And guess who agrees with me? Why, Waldo does! Made my day, I'll tell you (really).

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