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Monday, April 25, 2005 :::

JB Unloads with Both Barrels

Our ownJohn Behan comes out with guns blazing in this post on the Kaine media strategy to denigrate, of all things, Jerry Kilgore's accent. JB's personal experience with the subtle and not so subtle prejudice toward his own accent is very interesting...and powerfully told.

Some members of the Virginia congressional delegation weigh-in, which is fine. I wish they would close the loop, however, and note that the underpinning of this strategy is to make Kilgore sound and seem like a closeted homosexual among portions of the electorate (rural and religious voters).

This is a deeply bizarre line of attack for Kaine to take. I still can't see how he believes it will gain him any support or, for that matter, generate any doubts about Kilgore among his targeted audience. What's next,are they going to bring his Mother into it?

Oh, wait. They've already done that, too.

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